Sentence Examples

  • Limit of the ante-steppe is represented by a line drawn from the Pruth through Zhitomir, Kursk, Tambov and Stavropol-on-Volga to the sources of the Ural river.
  • Sinuous line drawn from Zhitomir via Kiev, Tula and Kazan to Ufa - that is, from W.S.W.
  • Of Zhitomir, and 25 m.
  • The government is divided into twelve districts, the chief towns of which are Zhitomir, the capital, Dubno, Kovel, Kremenets, Lutsk,.
  • ZHITOMIR, or Jitomir, a town of western Russia, capital of the government of Volhynia, on the Teterev river, 83 m.

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