Sentence Examples

  • Schraufite is a reddish resin from the Carpathian sandstone, and it occurs with jet in the cretaceous rocks of the Lebanon; ambrite is a resin found in many of the coals of New Zealand; retinite occurs in the lignite of Bovey Tracey in Devonshire and elsewhere; whilst copaline has been found in the London clay of Highgate in North London.
  • The visits to the United Kingdom of properly organized teams of bowlers from Australia and New Zealand in 1901 and from Canada in 1904 demonstrated that the game had gained enormously in popularity.
  • Wales, 1895; " The Relation of the Fauna and Flora of Australia to those of New Zealand," Nat.
  • In the southern parts of Australia and in New Zealand the tree seems to flourish as well as in its native home.
  • New Zealand, 2/18ths with 1 representative.