Sentence Examples

  • The ancient Gathas, which were supposed to be the composition of Zarathustra himself, received the homage of later worshippers.'
  • Thus we read in Vendidad xviii., " Many there be, noble Zarathustra, who bear the mouth bandage, who have yet not girded their loins with the law.
  • If such a one says ` I am an Athravan ' he lies, call him not Athravan, noble Zarathustra, said Ahura Mazda, but thou shouldst call him priest, noble Zarathustra, who sits awake the whole night through and yearns for holy wisdom that enables man to stand on death's bridge fearless and with happy heart, the wisdom whereby he attains the holy and glorious world of paradise."
  • PARSEES, or Parsis, the followers in India of Zoroaster (Zarathustra), being the descendants of the ancient Persians who emigrated to India on the conquest of their country by the Arabs in the 8th century.
  • She dwells on high in the Heavenly Home, the radiant "Abode of song," but Zarathustra summons her thence, begs for her fellowship, and prays her for righteousness of thought, speech and deed.'