Sentence Examples

  • One of the main reasons it is safe for kids to surf the Yahooligans web site and play Yahooligans kids' games is everything on the site has been tested and screened by people who work directly for Yahoo.
  • Parents feel comfortable allowing their children to use the entire Yahooligans web portal, including the many free games offered, because everything that falls under Yahooligans is age-appropriate.
  • While the games available on Yahooligans are naturally entertaining, many of them do have an educational value, and can be successfully utilized in a classroom or home school environment.
  • Yahooligans has a specific Teacher's Guide which guides teachers to differentiate which games may be the most beneficial in challenging students in their classroom.
  • Many teachers utilize Yahooligans kids' games in their classrooms to help facilitate the development of math, thinking skills, and discussions.

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