Sentence Examples

  • Although it sounds like techno-jargon, its usage is literal in the sense that devices like the Canon Rebel XT 8 MP digital SLR camera use a totally electronic form of communication between the lenses and the camera itself.
  • Besides the standard exposure available in automatic modes, the Rebel XT provides a fair amount of extra exposure control in "Image Zone" presets such as Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Night, and Sports modes.
  • The ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT The 2900 XT video card can give your PC games the newest Direct X with a boost of 512 MB memory and a decent amount of speed to keep graphics running smoothly.
  • The Jungle Gym XT is a high-quality piece of equipment that allows you to target your thighs while performing squats, lunges, hip adductions and abductions, leg curls and bridges.
  • Like the camera models that came earlier in the Rebel series, the EOS Canon Rebel XT 8 MP digital SLR camera is a dream to operate.