Sentence Examples

  • The Japanese Self Defense Force used the Super X3 to stop Godzilla's rampage before he can reach the nuclear power plant to refuel.
  • _ ...+o(mi and another by putting x i = x 2 = x3= ...'
  • To determine x i the angular velocity P alone is introduced, and the conditions to be satisfied are (i.) 0 2 x1 = o, throughout the liquid; y l =mz - ny, at the surface of the moving body, but zero over a fixed surface, and at :infinity; the same for x 2 and x3.
  • The logarithm is then obtained by use of the formula d l d2 l d3 2 log e (x+d) = log e x-f- - x2+3 x3 - &c., in which of course the object is to render dlx as small as possible.
  • Fitch.-Size 12 X3 in., of the marten species, also known as the pole cat.