Sentence Examples

  • In 1867 he became privatdozent in Berlin University, and in the following year was chosen professor of physics at the Zurich Polytechnic: then, after a year or two at Wurzburg, he was called in 1872 to Strassburg, where he took a great part in the organization of the new university, and was largely concerned in the erection of the Physical Institute.
  • In the course of his wanderings he settled for a time at Wurzburg, where he had as a pupil Me'ir of Rothenburg !d.
  • See Haupt, Soden am Taunus (Wurzburg, 1902); and Kohler, Der Kurort Soden am Taunus and seine Umgebungen (Frankfort, 1873)
  • (WUrzburg, 1878); W.
  • Armed with it he passed safely into heathen Germany and began a systematic crusade, baptizing, overturning idols, founding churches and monasteries, and calling from England a band of missionary helpers, monks and nuns, some of whom have become famous: St Lull, his successor in the see at Mainz; St Burchard, bishop of Wurzburg; St Gregory, abbot at Utrecht; Willibald, his biographer; St Lioba, St Walburge, St Thecla.

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