Sentence Examples

  • The size of the ships make it possible for them to travel through Wrangell Narrows, a small Alaskan town, before arriving in Petersburg.
  • Such, for instance, were those of Spindler and Wrangell in the Black Sea by sinking an electric lamp, those of Paul Regnard by measuring the change of electric resistance in a selenium cell or the chemical action of the light on a mixture of chlorine and hydrogen, by which he found a very rapid diminution in the intensity of light even in the surface layers of water.
  • - The works of Hedenstrbm, Ferdinand von Wrangell, and Anjou, Bunge and Toll in Beitrdge zur Kenntniss des russischen Reichs, ate Folge, Bd.
  • On March 12 the survivors landed on Wrangell I.
  • The " King and Wing " rescued the survivors on Wrangell I., and the " Bear " brought them to Nome.