Sentence Examples

  • Based out of Taiwan, High Tech Computer (HTC, for short) manufactures a wide range of mobile handsets with a distinct specialization in smartphones and PDA phones that run in a Windows-based environment.
  • The cool thing about XNA Game Studio Express is that an amateur video game designer can not only use the software for free, but they can also publish their games for Windows-based computers for free.
  • By contrast, Windows-based PCs are usually more easily upgraded (more RAM, bigger hard drives, faster optical drives, etc.), have more programs (both free and for purchase), and are usually cheaper.
  • The same person might have difficulty writing about Windows-based computers and other devices simply because, without using them on a daily basis, they may feel foreign.
  • Free article writing software exists all across the Internet for the Apple Macintosh computer, Windows-based computers and open-source operating systems such as Linux.