Sentence Examples

  • The motion sensitive Wii Remote, or "wiimote" as it is sometimes called, gets gamers to wave their arms around to mimic on-screen movements, rather than simply pressing a button.Easily the most popular game for the Wii is Wii Sports.
  • Make sure your Wii is off or you complete the following in another room away from the Wii bar, because as you insert the Wiimote, buttons will be pressed and you may inadvertently reset your Wii!
  • Now, holding the strap in your right hand and holding the Wiimote in your left hand, pull the strap as you push/slide the cover up until the bottom part of the Wiimote falls snugly into place.
  • Some games, like golf and bowling, can be enjoyed by several people using a single Wii Remote (or "Wiimote"), while others, like boxing and tennis, must make use of additional controllers.
  • Many games use natural movements like bowling: holding the Wiimote like a bowling ball, you step forward, swing your arm back and then forward, releasing the button to release the ball.

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