Sentence Examples

  • In connexion with this controversy Lessing wrote his brilliant little treatise, Wie die Alten den Tod gebildet (1769), contrasting the medieval representation of death as a skeleton with the Greek conception of death as the twin-brother of sleep.
  • The name of the town appears variously as Wych Manbank, Wie Malban, Nantwich, Lache Mauban, Wysmanban, Wiens Malbanus, Namptewiche.
  • The imports, which consist chiefly of machinery, fruits (dried and fresh), wie, oil and textiles, do not much exceed half a million sterling annually.
  • Even more than Herder's precept and example, this passion showed Goethe how trivial and artificial had been the Anacreontic and pastoral poetry with which he had occupied himself in Leipzig; and the lyrics inspired by Friederike, such as Kleine Blumen, kleine Blcitter and Wie herrlich leuchtet mir die Natur!
  • See Walther, Darmstadt wie es war and wie es geworden (Darms. 1865); and Zernin and Worner, Darmstadt and seine Umgebung (Zurich, 1890).