Sentence Examples

  • Descendant of the Saxon hero Widukind, was born on the 23rd of November 912.
  • This ceremony, according to the historian Widukind, was followed by a banquet at which the new king was waited upon by the dukes of Lorraine, Bavaria, Franconia and Swabia.
  • See Widukind, Res gestae Saxonicae; Liudprand of Cremona, Historia Ottonis; Flodoard of Rheims, Annales; Hrotsuit of Gandersheim, Carmen de gestis Oddonis - all in the Monumenta Germaniae historica.
  • See Widukind of Corvei, Res gestae Saxonicae, edited by G.
  • The contest between Charlemagne and Widukind (Guiteclin) offered abundant epic material.

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