Sentence Examples

  • The chief streams are the Werra, which traverses the south and east of the duchy, and various tributaries of the Main and the Saale, so that Saxe-Meiningen belongs to the basins of the three great rivers Weser, Rhine and Elbe.
  • Tobacco, in the Werra district, hops and flax are also raised.
  • The Werra valley and the other fertile valleys produce large quantities of fruit.
  • The east and north parts lie in the basin of the river Fulda, which near the north-eastern boundary joins with the Werra to form the Weser.
  • ESCHWEGE, a town of Germany, in the Prussian province of Hesse-Nassau, on the Werra, and the railway Treysa-Leinefelde, 28 m.

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