Sentence Examples

  • Applicants must demonstrate a readiness to engage in advanced study by showcasing above-average written communications skills, articulating well-developed academic goals, and showing evidence of self-direction and previous academic success.
  • Thanks to a well-developed U.S. Postal Service that could deliver packages anywhere there was mail service, people throughout the vast nation suddenly had access to myriad goods, including seeds.
  • Far more satisfying than the blinking blips of the Tamagotchi and more well-developed than the Neo Pets, the Nintendogs are reportedly incredibly rewarding pets.
  • If you think that "Toxic Waste" may only be appropriate for older kids, you're right - it relies on well-developed motor skills, among other things.
  • When elementary school children steal, it is generally because they have seen something that they want, and they lack well-developed self-control.