Sentence Examples

  • But though von Richthofen's general conception of the Kuen-lun system was broadly sound and in accordance with facts, the details both of his description and of that of his pupil Wegener' require now very considerable revision, and need even to be in part recast, as a consequence of explorations and investigations made since they wrote by, amongst others, the Russian explorers N.
  • Wegener, Deutschland in der Siidsee (Bielefeld, 1903); A.
  • Wegener and a Danish seaman.
  • Darstellung der staatlichen Kolonisation in Posen (Berlin, 1902); Wegener, Der wirtschaftliche Kampf der Deutschen mit den Polen urn die Provinz Posen (Posen, 1903); the Handbuch fur die Provin g Posen, Nachweisung der Behorden, Anstalten, Institute and Vereine (Posen, 1905) and the publications of the Historische Gesellschaft fiir die Provinz Posen (Posen, 1882 seq.).