Wd-40 definitions

WD-40 is defined as an abbreviation for Water Displacement-40th attempt, a product originally designed to protect space missiles from rusting and corroding.

An example of WD-40 is the product sold in hardware stores to fix squeaks, lubricate metal parts and protect from rust.

Arguably one of the two greatest inventions of the twentieth century (duct tape is the other),WD-40 was invented by Norm Larsen on his 40th attempt to develop a formula to prevent corrosion by displacing water. In addition to displacing water, WD-40 is a multipurpose problem solver that variously cleans, removes, dissolves, degreases, penetrates, and lightly lubricates various other items.The formula for WD-40 remains a closely guarded secret.As the saying goes, "If it is stuck and shouldn't be,WD-40 it. It if is unstuck and shouldn't be, duct tape it."The WD-40 Company did not pay me for this definition, but they should. See also duct tape.
A penetrating oil used to protect electric circuits from moisture.

Origin of wd-40

An abbreviation of "Water Displacement, 40th formula" or "40th attempt" used by Norm Larson of the Rocket Chemical Company of California, the oil's developer.