Sentence Examples

  • Considered the quiet member of the group, Darren is from Waterbury, Connecticut, but he moved to Miami to advance his inking career.
  • The company actually started in 1854 as the Waterbury Clock Company.
  • There are a state prison at Windsor (1808), a house of correction at Rutland (1878), an industrial school at Vergennes (1866), and hospitals for the insane at Brattleboro (1836) and Waterbury (1891).
  • The township was formed from parts of Waterbury, Bethany and Oxford, and was incorporated in 1844; the borough was chartered in 1893; and the two were combined in 1895.
  • Before 1 749 brass works were in operation at Waterbury - the great brass manufacturing business there growing out of the making of metal buttons.