Sentence Examples

  • In 873 Rolf seized Walcheren, and became the scourge of the surrounding districts.
  • In February 1574 the Spaniards by the fall of Middleburg lost their last hold upon Walcheren and Zeeland.
  • During his two and a half years of service under Cochrane, the young midshipman witnessed more than fifty engagements, and had much experience of service on the coast of Spain in the early stage of the Peninsular War, in the attack on the French squadron in the Roads (April 1809) and in the Walcheren expedition.
  • In 1866 South Beveland and Walcheren were joined by a heavy railway dam, a canal being cut through the middle of the former island to restore the connexion between the East and West Scheldt.
  • South Beveland is sometimes called the "granary" and Walcheren the "garden" of Zeeland.

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