Sentence Examples

  • To the north of the Meuse, and more especially in the low-lying ground enclosed between the Waal and the Rhine (insula Batavorum) lived the Batavi, a clan of the great Germanic tribe, the Chatti.
  • TIEL, a town in the province of Gelderland, Holland, on the right bank of the Waal (here crossed by a pontoon bridge), 25 m.
  • Almost immediately after entering Holland the stream divides into two arms, the larger of which, carrying off about two-thirds of the water, diverges to the west, is called the Waal, and soon unites with the Maas.
  • Though the name Rhine thus at last attaches to a very insignificant stream, the entire district between the Waal on one side and the Yssel on the other, the Insula Batavorum of Caesar, in reality belongs to the delta of the famous river.
  • The chief reforms in the land system were those introduced by De Waal, then minister for the colonies, in 1870.

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