Sentence Examples

  • With his release from Vincennes (August 1782) begins the second period of Mirabeau's life.
  • Other published correspondence is Lettres de Mirabeau a Chamfort (1796); Lettres du comte de Mirabeau b Jacques Mauvillon (Brunswick, 1792); Lettres originates de Mirabeau, ecrites du donjon de Vincennes, 1777-178Q, published by L.
  • He therefore sent orders to have him seized by French soldiers and brought to Vincennes near Paris.
  • Then, in 1652, he was arrested and imprisoned, first at Vincennes, then at Nantes; he escaped, however, after two years' captivity, and for some time wandered about in various countries.
  • Died at Vincennes on the 1st of February 1328.