Sentence Examples

  • He was superseded there by Delescluze, but he continued to direct the violent acts of the Commune, the overthrow of the Vendome column, the destruction of Thiers's residence and of the expiatory chapel built to the memory of Louis XVI.
  • The trial of Babeuf and the others, begun at Vendome on the 10th of February 1797, lasted two months.
  • Babeuf and Darthe were executed at Vendome on Prairial 8 (1797).
  • A full report of the trial at Vendome was published in four volumes at Paris in 1797, Debats du proces, &c. (W.
  • His governor, Marshal D'Ornano, was arrested by Richelieu's orders, and then his confidant, Henri de Talleyrand, marquis de Chalais and Vendome, the natural sons of Henry IV.