Sentence Examples

  • Although standard disclosures are stated - such as making sure that clients understand that certain investments are not guaranteed and may indeed lose value - UBS employees are still vulnerable to lawsuits and other legal problems.
  • The main concern when obtaining professional liability insurance for UBS employees should not be finding the cheapest coverage available, but instead should be finding quality coverage at a reasonable price.
  • When entering into employment with any financial firm - UBS or otherwise - you must find out what the level of coverage is that is provided to you and then decide how much additional insurance to secure.
  • Obtaining professional liability insurance for UBS financial advisers is a prudent idea, especially for the UBS employees who work directly with customers in the context of advising on monetary matters.
  • Not every UBS employee is a financial adviser, but anyone working in the capacity of helping people and businesses manage their wealth must have adequate liability insurance as a safeguard.