Sentence Examples

  • TUSKEGEE, a town and county-seat of Macon (disambiguation)|Macon county, Alabama, U.S.A., in the east part of the state, about 40 m.
  • Washington, Working With the Hands (New York, 1904); and Thrasher, Tuskegee, Its Story and Its Work (Boston, 1900).
  • He was a large benefactor of the Tuskegee Institute under Booker Washington for negro education.
  • Other important cities, with their populations, were Selma (8713), Anniston (9695), Huntsville (8068), Bessemer (6358), Tuscaloosa (5094), Talladega (5056), Eufaula (4532) and Tuskegee (2170).
  • It is served by the Tuskegee railway, which connects it with Chehaw, 5 m.