Sentence Examples

  • In France the doctrine was represented by Turgot and Condorcet.
  • ANNE ROBERT JACQUES TURGOT, BARON DE LAUNE (1727-1781), French statesman and economist, was born in Paris on the 10th of May 1727.
  • He was the youngest son of Michel Etienne Turgot, "provost of the merchants" of Paris, and Madeleine Frangoise Martineau, and came of an old Norman family.
  • In August 1761 Turgot was appointed intendant of the generalite of Limoges, which included some of the poorest and most over-taxed parts of France; here he remained for 13 years.
  • Quesnay and Mirabeau had advocated a proportional tax (impot de quotite), but Turgot a distributive tax (impot de repartition).