Sentence Examples

  • AKHALTSIKH (Georgian Akhaltsikhe, " new fortress"), a fortified town of Russian Transcaucasia, government of Tiflis, 68 m.
  • LENKORAN, a town in Russian Transcaucasia, in the government of Baku, stands on the Caspian Sea, at the mouth of a small stream of its own name, and close to a large lagoon.
  • Chernomorskaya), a military district of the province of Kuban, formerly an independent province of Transcaucasia, Russia; it includes the narrow strip of land along the N.E.
  • Russia possesses large deposits of sulphur in Daghestan in Transcaucasia, and in the Transcaspian steppes.
  • Coast of the Black Sea belongs properly to Transcaucasia, a great chain of mountains separating it from Russia.