Sentence Examples

  • Max Friedrichsen) assign both the Alai and the Trans-Alai Mountains to the Pamirs.
  • In the Kaufmann Peak, in the Trans-Alai range, and of 19,680 ft.
  • The Trans-Alai is a true border range, the ascent to it from the Pamir plateau (13,000 ft.) on the south-east being gentle and relatively short, while both it and the Alai tower up steeply to a height of 11,000-14,000 ft.
  • On the south the Ferghana valley is fenced in by the lofty range of the Alai, backed by the parallel range of the Trans-Alai.
  • The general altitude of both ranges is 16,000-19,000 ft., but the Trans-Alai culminates in peak Kaufmann (23,000 ft.).