Sentence Examples

  • Hybrid sales were increasing by February of 2009 with the growing popularity of the Honda Insight, Ford Fusion, and Toyota Prius, all offered at affordable prices utilizing both gas and electric engines that can travel good distances.
  • Toyota Owner's Online offers interactive owner's manuals for the Toyota Prius, information about scheduled maintenance, a record of your vehicle's service history, and Toyota iGuides to help you learn about the features of your car.
  • Toyota has a link on the website for each of the above listed vehicles that will provide specific information on what is wrong with the vehicle and the types of repairs that the company is doing to repair it.
  • You can remedy this by visiting any Toyota authorized service center where the service department will obtain your vehicle identification number (VIN) and check to see what recall repairs are needed on your Sienna.
  • This Toyota Prius User's Guide was compiled by a group of Prius owners and includes practical information about the vehicle's systems, tips for driving a hybrid car, and other user-generated information.