Sentence Examples

  • In the south (of the Netherlands) Christianity was spread by the labours of devoted missionaries, foremost amongst whom were St Amandus, St Bavon and St Eligius, and bishoprics were set up at Cambrai, Tournai, Arras, Therouanne and Liege.
  • TOURNAI '(Flemish Doornik), a city of Belgium, in the province of Hainaut, situated on the Scheldt.
  • There are several old pictures of merit, and the shrine of St Eleuthere, the first bishop of Tournai in the 6th century, is a remarkable product of the silversmith's art.
  • The church of St Quentin in the same square as the belfry is almost as ancient as NotreDame, and the people of Tournai call it the "little cathedral."
  • On the Grand Place is the fine statue of Christine de Lalaing, princess d'Epinoy, who defended Tournai against Parma in 1581.