Sentence Examples

  • From Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) to Enterprise, we have seen a wide range of possibilities like time travel, wormholes, strange beings, multiple planets and interesting technology.
  • We here at LoveToKnow do not necessarily condone this behavior as it may a violation of your cellular service provider's terms of service (TOS).
  • Soap Opera Digest presents a little one on one with the actors as well as featuring recipes and how tos from favorite actors.
  • Once you find free art of fairies, click on the TOS link so you fully understand what rights the artist is giving you.
  • 98) gives the translation, u yas ap7)tos, and considers the name as a compound of Xerxes, showing thereby that he knew nothing of the Persian language; the later Persian form is Ardashir, which occurs in the form Artaxias (Artaxes) as the name of some kings of Armenia.