Sentence Examples

  • When you book this cruise, you will have the choice of two tour destinations: the private reserve of Punta Coral or the sandy beaches of Costa Rica's famous Tortuga Island.
  • Of the peninsula of Araya, in the vicinity of which is the island of Tortuga and several groups of islets, generally uninhabited.
  • La Viuda is off the port of Casma, in 9° 23' 30" S.; and Tortuga is 2 m.
  • The small island of Tortuga (north-west of Hispaniola) was seized for this purpose in 1630, converted into a magazine for the goods of the rivals, and made their headquarters, Santo Domingo itself still continuing their hunting ground.
  • Eight years later, however, watching their opportunity when many buccaneers were absent in the larger island, the Spaniards attacked Tortuga, and massacred every settler they could seize.