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  • British Virgin Islands: Visiting ships may dock at Tortola or Virgin Gorda, depending on the cruise line and size of the ship, but both ports are close enough to offer similar experiences with snorkeling, diving, and yachting adventures.
  • The only regular United States departure port is Miami, though the ships rotate among popular Caribbean embarkation ports such as Costa Rica, Tortola, and Grenada.
  • Boat Caribbean: This company will charter a yacht for your needs, including trips to Tortola, St. Martin and St. Thomas.
  • Maintaining its eastern course from the Apure, the main stream finds its way along the southern side of the delta, where it is called the Corosimi river, and enters the sea at the Boca Grande; but in front of the Tortola island, at the beginning of the Corosimi and too m.
  • Of Tortola, and what trade there is is mostly with St Thomas.

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