Sentence Examples

  • The opening scene in Back to the Future, with the large speakers blasting, is based on real incidents with Kim Burrafato in North Beach that the Coppola Rat Pack at Savoy Tivoli and Caffe Trieste would hear.
  • 2.) The greatest masters of the time executed portraits of him, Lysippus in sculpture, Apelles in painting and Pyrgoteles in graven gems. Among surviving monuments, we have no completely certified portraits except the Tivoli herm (now in the Louvre) and the coins struck by his successors.
  • The electric power required fcir the tramways and the illuminatiQn of Rome is entirely supplied by turbines situated at Tivoli, and this is the case elsewhere, and the harnessing of this waterpower is capable of very considerable extension.
  • Towards the end of 545 the Gothic king took up his station at Tivoli and prepared to starve Rome into surrender, making at the same time elaborate preparations for checking the progress of Belisarius who was advancing to its relief.
  • Tivoli, q.v.), an ancient town of Latium, 18 m.