Sentence Examples

  • Tirana is beautifully situated on the border of the richly wooded highlands inhabited by the Mirdite Albanians.
  • Petch), 15,000; Berat, 15,000; Ochrida, 11,000; Tirana, 12,000; Argyrokastro, 11,000; Kortcha (Slay.
  • An alphabet of fifty-two letters, some presenting ancient Phoenician and Cretan forms, was found by Hahn in partial use at Elbassan and Tirana; its antiquity, however, has not been established.
  • TIRANA, a town of Albania, European Turkey, in the vilayet of Scutari; 20 m.
  • The name Tosk is possibly identical with Tuscus, Etruscus, while the form Tyrrhenus perhaps survives in Tirana.