Sentence Examples

  • Tim Thompson, a veteran session player and live jazz musician, was awarded second place in the 2008 Fingerstyle Championship and has been featured in magazines like Mel Bay's Guitar Sessions, Wood and Steel, and Just Jazz Guitar.
  • The series boasted many familiar faces from soap operas past and present including Marcy Walker, A Martinez, Nancy Grahn, Gordon Thompson, Robin Wright Penn, Justin Deas, Sydney Penny, Kim Zimmer, Lane Davies and Robin Mattson.
  • While gamers sit eagerly in their rooms making space for the gaming beast, retail stores around the country get ready for the boom.Our very own Gregory Thompson happens to work in the electronics department of a retail store.
  • His reputation with gamers notwithstanding, Thompson has contacted numerous political and legal figures in an attempt to keep young children (and in some cases, everyone) from playing violent or otherwise graphic video games.
  • Developed by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, an expert in brainwave frequencies and sleep for health and well-being, this musical program is a natural sleep aid that does not involve a high cost, taking medication, or time commitment.