Sentence Examples

  • TETUAN (TETTAWAN), the only open port of Morocco on the Mediterranean, a few miles S.
  • A Moorish custom-house is placed on the Spanish border beyond the fort of Santa Isabel, and is the only authorized centre of trade on the Riff coast between Tetuan and the Algerian frontier.
  • The harbour of Tetuan is obstructed by a bar, over which only small vessels can pass, and the roadstead, sheltered to the N., N.W.
  • At the end of September 1897 the American minister placed on record, in a note handed by him at San Sebastian to the n~inister for foreign affairs, the duke of Tetuan, a strongly-worded protest against the state of things in Cuba, and demanded in substance that a stop should be put to Weylers proceedings, and some measures taken to pacify the island and prevent the prolongation of disturbances that grievously affected American interests.
  • The present town of Tetuan dates from 1492, when the Andalusian Moors first reared the walls and then filled the enclosure with houses.