Sentence Examples

  • TEPIC, a territory of Mexico facing on the Pacific Ocean and bounded N., E.
  • There are cotton and cigarette factories at the town of Tepic, besides sugar works and distilleries on the plantations.
  • The capital of the territory is Tepic (pop. 1900, 15,488), attractively situated on a small plateau 2 9 50 ft.
  • The territory of Tepic was detached.from the State of Jalisco in 1889 on account of the belligerent attitude of its population, chiefly composed of Indians.
  • Colima was in a state of eruption as late as 1909, Jorullo (4262 ft.) is said to date from 1759, when its cone was formed, and Ceboruco (7100 ft.) in the territory of Tepic, shows occasional signs of activity.

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