Sentence Examples

  • His published works include: Etudes geologiques sur les Iles de Tenerife et de Fogo (1848); Voyage geologique aux Antilles et aux Iles de TeneAife et de Fogo (1848-1859); Recherches sur les principaux phenomz nes de meteorologie et de physique generale aux Antilles (1849); Sur les variations periodiques de la temperature (1866), and Coup d'cell historique sur la geologie (1878).
  • Meyer, Die Insel Tenerife (Leipzig, 1896), " Uber die Urbewohner der canarischen Inseln," in Adolf Bastian Festschrift (Berlin, 1896); F.
  • VALERIANO WEYLER Y NICOLAU, Marquess of Tenerife (1839-), Spanish soldier, was born at Palma de Majorca.
  • The archipelago forms one Spanish province, of which the capital is Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the residence of the civil governor, who has under his command one of the two districts into which the archipelago is divided, this first district comprising Teneriffe, Palma, Gomera and Hierro.
  • The captaingeneral and second commandant of the archipelago reside in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and there is a brigadier-governor of Grand Canary, residing in Las Palmas, besides eight inferior military commandants.