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  • JOSEF BEM (1795-1850), Polish soldier, was born at Tarnow in Galicia, and was educated at the military school at Warsaw, where he especially distinguished himself in mathematics.
  • A hideous jacquerie followed for three or four days; during which cartloads of dead were carried into Tarnow, where the peasants received a reward for every " rebel " brought in.
  • TARNOW, a town in Galicia, Austria, 164 m.
  • The Roman Catholic Church has an archbishop, at Lemberg, and,three bishops, at Cracow, at Przemysl and at Tarnow, and the Greek Catholic Church is represented by an archbishop, at Lemberg, and two bishops, at Przemysl and at Stanislau.
  • Other principal towns are: Przemysl (46,439), Kolomea (34,188), Tarnow (31,548), Tarnopol (30,368), Stanislau (29,628), Stryj (23,673), Jaroslau (22,614), Drohobycz (19,146), Podg6rze (18,142), Brody (17,360), Sambor (17,027), Neusandec (15,724),Rzeszow (14,714), Zloczow(12,209), Grodek (11,845), Horodenka (11,615), Buczacz (11,504), Sniatyn (11,498), Brzezany (11,244), Kuty (11,127), Boryslaw (10,671), Chrzan6w (10,170), Jaworow (10,090), Bochnia (10,049) and Biala (8265).

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