Sentence Examples

  • 17, 1), and the method in which the work was dealt with in the constitution Tanta (Cod.
  • In the interior of the Delta are many flourishing towns, the largest being Tanta, pop. 54,437, which occupies a central position.
  • Damanhur (38,752) lies on the railway between Tanta and Alexandria; Mansura (40,279) is on, the Damietta branch of the Nile, to the N.E.
  • Of Tanta; Zagazig (34,999) is the largest town in the Delta east of the Damietta branch; Bilbeis (f3,485) lies N.N.E.
  • Of Tanta, with manufactories of silk and cottons; Salihia (6100), E.N.E.