Sentence Examples

  • TALCAHUANO, or Talcaguano, a seaport of the province of Concepcion, Chile, on the bay of Concepcion, 8 m.
  • Coquimbo was swept by a tidal wave in 1849, and Concepcion and Talcahuano were similarly destroyed in 1835.
  • South-west of Concepcion, which partially encloses the Bay of Arauco and is well cultivated; and Quiriquina, lying off the port of Talcahuano in the entrance to Concepcion bay.
  • There are some small harbours for coasting vessels of light draught along the coast of central Chile, usually at the partially obstructed mouths of the larger rivers, as San Antonio near the mouth of the Maipo, Constitucion at the mouth of the Maule, and Llico on the outlet of Lake Vichuquen, but there is no harbour of importance until Concepcion (or Talcahuano) Bay is reached.
  • There are three harbours on this bay, El Tome, Penco and Talcahuano (q.v.), the last being the largest and best-protected port on the inhabited part of the Chilean coast.