Sentence Examples

  • The now-defunct Circle 7 Animation had planned to release Toy Story 3 with the premise that Buzz Lightyear was part of a massive toy recall, and when Andy's mom sent him to Taiwan to be fixed, he met other recalled toys like him.
  • Other countries where it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while using a mobile phone include Chile, Egypt, France, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.
  • Based out of Taiwan, High Tech Computer (HTC, for short) manufactures a wide range of mobile handsets with a distinct specialization in smartphones and PDA phones that run in a Windows-based environment.
  • Results showed that a large proportion of participants in all cultures reported experiencing shyness to a considerable degree-from 31 percent in Israel to 57 percent in Japan and 55 percent in Taiwan.
  • FORMOSA (called Taiwan by the Chinese, and following them by the Japanese, into whose possession it came after their war with China in 1895), an island in the western Pacific Ocean, between the Southern and the Eastern China Sea, separated from the Chinese mainland by the Formosa Strait, which has a width of about 90 m.