Sentence Examples

  • Taine, Les Origines de la France contemporaine, pt.
  • Taine, Positivisme anglais, etude sur Stuart Mill (Paris, 1864); F.
  • He belonged to the school of Thucydides and Gibbon, not to that of Macaulay and Taine; he deals by preference with the rulers and leaders of the world, and he strictly limits his field to the history of the state, or, as we should say, political history; and in this he is followed by Seeley, one of the greatest of his adherents.
  • The work was in fact the first attempt to substitute for the popular representations of Thiers and Lamartine the critical investigation which has been carried on with such brilliance by Taine and Sorel.
  • Taine in Les Philosophes (Paris, 1868), pp. 79-202.