Sentence Examples

  • The Pearl series of BlackBerry devices -- available from AT&T and T-Mobile, among others -- feature this technology that is like T9, only (arguably) better.
  • It offers support for many different languages, has AutoText technology, and can switch to T9 if you prefer.
  • Flower, Notes on Zoological Collections visited in Europe in 1907 (Public Works Dept., Cairo); Reference List of the Zoological Gardens of the World (t9 to); C. V.
  • 00 ab2dX °0 ab2dX (22) L (I JS)' (18) (t9) This impulse will remain of constant magnitude, and fixed relatively to the body, which thus experiences an additional reaction from the circulation which is the opposite of the force required to change the position in space of the circulation impulse; and these extra forces must be taken into account in the dynamical equations.
  • Xiyel '177(eou)s' [ra y Tb pi) 1p7rpo(rBEV T9] S t4'dWS (rOV Kai [TO KEKpvppivov Q7rO vol3 h7roKaXv4(0)i crer[ai O"ot.