Sentence Examples

  • All light fixtures are retrofitted to use T8 and T5 efficient lamps.
  • 2d.) was equivalent to 100 piastres; the gold pieces struck were £T5, £T1, £T2 and £ T 4; the standard is 0.916* fine, and the weight 7.216 grammes.
  • Yearly returns, under a penalty of £T5 to £T25, of the results of working have to be rendered to the Mines Administration.
  • Certain specified plans must be delivered annually, under penalty of £T5 to £T25, to the Mines Administration, and, under similar penalties, all information and facilities for visiting the mines in detail must be afforded to government inspectors.
  • For the discovery of mines, special permits of research, on which there is a fee of £T5 to £T 15, are necessary; full details of the requisite formalities are given in the law.