Sentence Examples

  • T0 view more slings, visit's sling page.
  • During the first two years the bank remitted the greater part of its capital to Persia at the then prevailing exchange, and received for every pound sterling 32 t0 34 krans; but in consequence of the great fall in silver in I893 and 1894, the exchange rose to 50 krans per pound sterling and more, and the banks capital employed in Persia being reduced in value by more than one-thirdIO0 krans, which at the beginning represented 3 then being worth only 2 or lessthe original capital of one million sterling was reduced to 650,000 in December 1894.
  • Maria Christina, who detested the parliamentary institutions which she had been forced to accept, was always ready Re~oIt and t0 nullify them by intrigue, and she was helped Regencyof by the Moderados.
  • Next t0 the cathedral, the chief is perhaps the abbey church of St Peter, a Romanesque basilica of the 12th century which was tastelessly restored in 1745, and which contains a monument to St Rupert.
  • In the present survey we shall limit ourselves to the great formative periods in this literature - in Judaism to 200 B.C. t0 A.D.