Sentence Examples

  • His successor, Kalman Szell, obtained an immense but artificial Szell, majority by a fresh fusion of parties, and the minority pledged itself to grant an indemnity for the extra parliamentary financial decrees rendered necessary by Hungary's understanding with Austria, as well as to cease from obstruction.
  • Of the Compromise of 1867, the opposition once more took to obstruction, and on the 1st of May 1903 Szell was forced to resign.
  • The king; met them half way by inviting the majority to appoint a committee to settle the army question provisionally, and a committee was formed, which included Szell, Apponyi, Count Istvan Tisza.
  • In the autumn of 1898 he became the leader of the obstructionists or "Independence Party," against the successive Szell, Khuen-Hadervary, Szapary and Stephen Tisza administrations (1898-1904), exercising great influence not only in parliament but upon the public at large through his articles in the Egyetertes.
  • Intended by the Liberal leaders to serve as a diversion in favour of the Liberal-dualist standpoint; nevertheless, Nationalist feeling found strong expression during the negotiations of Banffy and Szell with various Austrian premiers for the renewal of the economic Ausgleich, or " Customs and Trade Alliance."