Sentence Examples

  • Chiu chow cooking originated in the Swatow district of eastern Guangdong province.
  • Canton, Swatow, K`iung-chow (in Hainan), Pakhoi, San-shui are among the treaty ports.
  • The principal rivers of the province are the Si-kiang, the Pei-kiang, or North River, which rises in the mountains to the north of the province, and after a southerly course joins the Si-kiang at San-shui Hien; the Tung-kiang, or East River, which, after flowing in a south-westerly direction from its source in the north-east of the province, empties itself into the estuary which separates the city of Canton from the sea; and the Han River, which runs a north and south course across the eastern portion of the province, taking its rise in the mountains on the western frontier of Fu-kien and emptying itself into the China Sea in the neighbourhood of Swatow.

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