Sentence Examples

  • Sutton Bridge is a lesser port on the Wash.
  • In 1717 this part of Marlboro, with other lands, was erected into the township of Westboro, to which parts of Sutton (1728),(1728), Shrewsbury (1762 and 1793) and Upton (1763) were subsequently annexed, and from which Northboro was separated in 1766.
  • Sutton, Systematic Handbook of Volumetric Analysis (1904); F.
  • In August 1903 the Hime ministry resigned and was succeeded by a cabinet under the premiership of Mr (afterwards Sir) George Sutton, the founder of the wattle industry in Natal and one of the pioneers in the coal-mining industry.
  • In May 1905 Sir George Sutton was replaced by a coalition ministry under Mr C. J.