Sentence Examples

  • Chloe Tells Clark She Knows His Secret - For five years, Chloe Sullivan investigated the weird and the meteor-infected, she learned his secret during the fourth season, but kept it to herself, hoping Clark would eventually trust her.
  • The Echoes played the most popular British invasion hits of the day, which suited Joel fine as he had decided, like so many others, that he wanted to be a rock musician after seeing The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show.
  • In addition to his infomercials, which made him a household name, Mays was the co-star of the Discovery Channel reality TV series Pitchmen, which followed Mays and fellow advertising star Anthony Sullivan (Sully).
  • "Green Time": According to a study at the University of Illinois by Professors Kuo, Taylor, and Sullivan, time spent outdoors "in a natural setting" dramatically improved the symptoms of ADHD.
  • Starring Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke, The Miracle Worker tells the story of Hellen Keller, a blind and deaf girl who is taught to communicate by a woman named Annie Sullivan.