Sentence Examples

  • 3 Passing onward to Switzerland, we must content ourselves by referring to the list of works, forming a Bibliographia ornithologica Helvetica, drawn up by Dr Stolker for Dr Fatio's Bulletin de la Societe Ornithologique Suisse (ii.
  • Her letters to Constant were printed in the Revue suisse (April 1844), her Lettres-Memoires by E.
  • The Revue suisse (1838) was produced at Neuchatel.
  • La Suisse romande (1885) only lasted twelve months.
  • Among current serials may be mentioned Archives de psychologie de la Suisse romande (1901) edited by Flournoy and Claparede; Jahresverzeichnis der schweizerischen Universitatsschriften (1897-1898); Untersuchungen zur neueren Sprachand Literaturgeschichte (1903); Zwingliana: Mitteilungen zur Geschichte Zwingli and der Reformation (1897).